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Hi there. My name is Evan Renner and I am one of the co-founders of No Vacancy. I’ll start by saying thank you for making your way here, however you wound up here. I hope you like what you find. With that said, let me tell you what we are all about.

No Vacancy is the product of a few different things. Myself and my partners all found ourselves frustrated with the way our time came to an end at a previous start up. I won’t say names and I have no ill will towards that company, but we got hosed and it left a bad taste in our mouths. A few months later we had some conversations about starting our own company. We sat on the idea for a while and finally decided to put it into action. No Vacancy will be a lot of different things. For right now, our focus is on primarily sports, eSports and gaming, as well as some current events. One of the things that we are excited about here is that while our writers have specialties they cover, they also have the freedom to routinely write about anything they want. And we mean anything. I firmly believe the best work of a writer is done when they are writing about something they truly care about. None of us here are professional journalists, but we enjoy what we do and believe that you will find something that resonates with you as well.

As I have gotten older, I’ve found that I enjoy reading things that are written the way people talk. I have an appreciation for the professionalism of journalists but I find personality and passion more engaging. Here at No Vacancy we strongly encourage those things because we ultimately believe in the character of the people we work with. I will never keep someone from publishing an article because of profanity in their work. There is an honesty and sincerity to it when done in good taste. However, we will never tolerate discrimination from any of our writers. We vow to be different, not assholes.

I hope you find this website to be entertaining and enriching, and we encourage you to get involved in the conversation. We want our readers to be interactive and share your opinions. I do this because I care. I can’t wait to have conversations with other people who are passionate about the same things my staff and I are. I look forward to sharing our passion and excitement for the things we love with all of you. You stay classy, and thanks for stopping by.