Another Introduction

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Welcome and thank you for stumbling upon No Vacancy Media! My name is Dylan Ruth and I am apart of this new movement. I was brought into this because I played at almost the highest level and got to interact with some of the biggest names in Minor League Baseball.

With that being said follow us along as we throw hot takes and information at you every day. If you decide to read along with me I’ll be discussing the Blue Jay’s, the Padres, and pretty much any other headlines that come across the ticker on MLB Network.

Yes I understand those 2 teams are completely random, but for me they are not. I was born and raised in San Diego and got to watch the Padres be really really good and now they are complete trash. The Blue Jay’s on the other hand, I have been following for around 4 years now.

Yes I know how bad that looks for “all of a sudden liking a good team” no,no,no. I began working for them in 2016, so I was forced to watch and I became a fan as I saw guys I knew playing in the Big Leagues.

I will not just tie my hands and not write just about baseball, because let’s be real. How am I supposed to come up with a story when these Free Agents are not signing. So I’ll also write about the other major sports as I see fit. Mainly the NFL, UFC and maybe the NHL.

I enjoy watching these sports because let’s be real here, who does like watching other people try to kill each other every second of the round/quarter/period.

With that being said and the introduction out of the way. Thank you and welcome to the page. I hope you choose to at least stick around and follow No Vacancy. If you want to keep tabs on me and see what I’m complaining about now that would be awesome too!