Who the F*$k is this guy?! Introducing RogueRam

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Loud-mouthed journo, veteran, mediocre snowboarder, aspiring lawyer and a self-described international culture aficionado. My name is Dan, but you can just call me RogueRam.

Coming to you by way of the Colorado State University School of Journalism in Fort Collins, I want to bring our readers the latest news and trends following the sports and athletes we all love (and hate).

I hope to give variety in my writing at No Vacancy that range from detailed accounts of big moves and moments in the sports world, to opinions of myself and professionals of the field (no pun intended). My goal is to bring you the content you need when you’re trying to figure out what the hell is going on, and challenge the way you, as a reader, look at sports.

While I love all sports, Mixed Martial Arts has stolen my heart the past 10 years. Coming from an intensive wrestling background on the national stage, I can’t help but admire warriors getting into a cage to beat each other up for money. If you love MMA, ranging from the UFC to Bellator, ONE Championships and even the glory days of PRIDE, I’ve got a truckload of hot takes and breaking news of Jon Jones probably failing another drug test.

I’m a football nerd, with the National Football League being my guilty favorite. College football is still something I thoroughly enjoy, but with the lack of success at my university, non-parity in the College Football Playoff and the overall disdain I have for the slimy organization some call the NCAA, let us just say there is no love lost.

Hailing from West Lafayette, Indiana, I grew up a black and gold Boilermaker fan living on campus of Purdue University. That makes me a Big 10 guy. Now that I live in the Mountain West, I diversify my coverage to include these oddball G5 squads as well.

Full disclosure on any professional sports writings I create, I’m a huge Indianapolis Colts and Chicago Cubs fan. I’ll take on any criticisms with a smile now that I had the chance to see my team win a world series in my lifetime.

I look forward to pumping out plenty of writing at No Vacancy and hope you enjoy what I have to say.

Peace Suckas,