Who am I?!

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Who am I? Shit I don’t even know. It’s a question I’ve asked myself a lot over my last 29 years. From boat builder to trader to Sergeant of Marines to now a financial markets educator. I’ve always had a passion for calling it how it is, life is not about spinning things one way or the other because the truth always comes out.

I’m here to give my honest opinion love me or hate I really don’t care. I’m a Chicago boy born and raised ….. yes I grew up in the burbs but seriously whats the difference? I live downtown now and am probably the only guy in this city who drives a jacked up truck.

I will always have a biased towards to the Blackhawks, Bears, Sox, and I guess the Cubs. I’m definitely not a frat boy, but Brady and Tiger are the GOAT. I trade, love watching the markets and I’ll try and bring that here, I’m sure ya’ll will need it.

I’ll stick mostly to NHL, PGA, and Financials. Played Hockey and Lacrosse through College amateur golfer but can play a solid 18 and have spent the last decade of my life trading from the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade to a small Start-Up here in the city.