What Up.

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Most days I’m not totally sure what I see myself as. Currently, I am a coach and have gone back to get my degree in Physical Education. I do have my favorite teams in each sport, but will rarely if ever talk about them. That is not to say I won’t have strong stances on other issues though; because being born and raised a New Yorker I rarely suffer from lack of opinion.

I watch and stay up to date with the MLB, NFL, and PGA Tour; but I’m an absolute basketball junkie first and foremost. The NBA will be my main source of writing and is where I get most of my ball fix, but I stay up to date on just about every level of basketball there is. Hell, I’ll watch a YMCA youth-league game if the matchup is legit.

Hip-Hop is also something that I have an immense passion for. From old school to new school, I’ll listen to anything and everything. Ball and Rap have always been pop culture PB&J and I hope to continue that trend in my blogging.