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Yesterday the San Diego Padres packed up all their equipment and sent the trucks to Peoria, I thought it would be a good day to bitch and moan about how they seem to be almost dragging their feet in signing anyone!

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The rumors in the last few days has the Padres linked to both of the top free agents, along with a couple of the “second tier” players. As a wise casino blackjack dealer once told me “scared money don’t make money” and I believe that is true here. If the Padres want to become serious contenders in the next few years, they might want to consider that motto.

Yes, I understand the farm is getting close to becoming the next big leagues but let’s real. They will still need veteran leadership there. Here is where these top free agents or even 1 of them along with another 1 or 2 of the second tier would help. Manny played the last 7 years in probably the strongest league there is, along with the ride he took with the Dodgers last fall. Harper may not have played in the A.L east, but the guy is in talks about N.L MVP every year since he made the show.

Both of those fellows want the brinks truck to back up and dump millions on them and I’m all for it. Pay either one (or both would be nice but now I’m begging) of them what they want. Both of those guys will change a team right away. Let them come in and play for us and help the new kids get use to the ins and outs of playing with the big boys. Plus how awesome would it be for us to actually be a contender again? It’s been over a decade since this city has seen the Padres make a run at anything. We need it. We may have the best weather, some of the best beer options, and food. But you throw in a baseball team that is winning and this city will light up!