Super Bowl Predictions

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The day has come. The New England Patriots take on the Los Angeles Rams today in Super Bowl LIII. The culmination of the 2018 NFL season comes down to what will probably be an incredible 60 minutes of football. Here’s our staff’s predictions for the big game.

Robby (Co-Founder): Patriots 31 Rams 14. “After watching Todd Gurley and the Rams get shut down by the Saints, going up against a seasoned Patriots team, I don’t think this will be any different. Tom Brady has really no pressure on him being here for the 9th time.

Logan: Rams 28 Patriots 24. “I think the pressure of Suh, Aaron Donald, and Dante Fowler Jr, along with Wade Phillips is going to be too much for Tom. I also believe Brandon Cooks is not only salty that he got knocked out (literally) of the Superbowl last year, but that he was traded away from the Patriots, and this should set up for a big revenge game. Bill is going to focus too heavily on stopping Todd Gurley leaving room for Cooks to have a BIG day. I’m predicting 5 receptions for 135 and a touchdown. Rams squeak out a victory.

Austin: Patriots 31 Rams 27. “Brady leads game winning drive, throws for 3 TDs and wins MVP.

Brennan Haley: Patriots 35 Rams 28. ” Because Brady is the Goddamn G.O.A.T. But in all seriousness; I don’t believe the Rams secondary will press the slot recievers at the line of scrimmage, and this will not allow the pass rush enough time to get to Brady. I also expect James White to be a huge passing threat out of the backfield. If the Rams spy him, they give up deeper routes (What up, Gronk), if they let him (White) catch those short check downs, it will be a long day for L.A. This game will be about time of possession, Brady and Belichick will pound the ball and keep the Rams high powered offense on the sideline. And then we have to listen to Boston fans again until the Celtics lose…. great.”

Danny: Patriots 31 Rams 24. “Rams shouldn’t even be there. Tom Brady doesn’t take back to back losses.”

Isaac: Rams 33 Patriots 30. “I have it coming down to a field goal. The Rams are going to come out on top because of the two backs they have behind Goff. There’s a bowling ball in C.J. Anderson and a cheetah in Gurley. The Pats have a tough time stopping those two.”

Dylan: Patriots 34 Rams 27. “You’ve got Tom Brady and his whole squad thinking they are underdogs. I also don’t think the Rams defense will do a good enough job at disguising their packages and ol’ Tommy is going to pick them apart in the second half. The Rams will score most of their points in the first half. But I think after half time Belichick cracks the whip and the Pats score on every possession. It kills me to have to sit through another Super Bowl watching Tom and Billy Belichick win.”

Bill: Patriots 38 Rams 34. ” While the Patriots looked more vulnerable than usual in some games this year, their perception of being slighted as the underdog has lit a fire under the team, and history has shown that when Tom Brady is pissed off, there isn’t any better competitor. With two weeks to prepare, both coaches will have some incredible schemes up their sleeve, but I think the Patriots will make it a priority to avoid Aaron Donald, and will use short yardage packages to their advantage; James White, Julian Edelman, and Rob Gronkowski capitalize on three-step drop routes, neutralizing the Rams interior line. I’m expecting a lot of bubble screens and slants in what should be an incredibly entertaining Super Bowl.

Dan: Patriots 33 Rams 27. “Coaching, discipline, experience.”

Evan: Rams 34 Patriots 31 “Dominant defensive lines have been a death sentence for Tom Brady throughout his career. I expect the Patriots to make adjustments to help keep Aaron Donald from having a sack party but the Rams defensive line is more than one guy. The Rams have just enough offense to get over the hump and a coach who appears not to beat himself.