Let’s Make Moves

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With Football in the rearview mirror. Its baseballs time to shine! Pitchers and catchers have began their seasons this week. But there are still plenty of top free agents are still without a home.

Of course you got your 2 top dogs still waiting out the bidding wars, there is still some very notable pitchers out there that could use a home such as Dallas Keuchel and Craig Kimbrel. These guys need a home soon and I think San Diego would be a great fit for both.

Picture from Mlb.com

Why not? Craig already has done a short stint with the Pads. You can’t look me in my eyes and tell me this guy isn’t a game changer. Bring some experience and excitement to our bullpen…again. He brought home a smooth 39 saves in 2015 to a super average team (yes I’m being nice by saying average) which was his third lowest of his 9 seasons in the show. But still, with the new coming kids I think he can do more than pull his own weight.

Picture from Mlb.com

Picture this, it’s a nice 71 degrees out. Sun shining down on that beautiful field and out trots the big beard of Dallas Keuchel in those crispy home whites. We need him more than Craig. Who are we starting day 1 if not? Joey Lucchesi? Luis Perdomo? Come on now. That doesn’t get me going. At. All. Just spend the money on this guy, he has a Cy Young on the mantle and a World Series ring in his safe. Give him something 6 years 25mill. Front load it and take a chance.

What do we have to lose? Another season? So what. We are not getting any better waiting around. Bring in some hot talent to help improve the big league roster now. The city needs it or else we riot.