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Wow. Just wow. They did it friends. The Padres actually landed a top free agent!

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If you have been living without internet and TV for the last few days, Manny signed away the next 10 years of his life to the San Diego Padres for a smooth $300 million US dollars. Shocker, the Padres actually filled a void that they NEEDED. Sure we have prospects coming up. But this is something we as a organization and fan base needed to do. To even be considered a real MLB team this year they needed to sign him. Not to mention the kids on the farm needed an idol. So why not go get this guy.

Sure he doesn’t hustle. Sure he bat flips. Sure on some of his homerun trots he takes 30 seconds to get around the bases. But listen. He agreed to a contract to come to America’s finest city to play baseball. That means as fans we have to support him no matter what. We can no longer complain about how the front office is being cheap. Sure we can criticize some of the ways we have spent the money like that Makita guy or our #PadresTwitter king Phil Hughes but at least we are trying.

Theres rumours swirling around that the Pad Squad isn’t done yet. My guess still is Harper or Keuchel. Its being said that if the Padres can come up with a way to match the Phillies offer of 10 years $330mill he will sign with them. And this is after the Padres agreed with Manny a few days back. He wants to be here now but doesn’t want to miss his pay day. Which in my mind is smart. He knows he can win now with Philly. But now that the Padres landed manny, shits getting real. The Padres could use Keuchel(I wouldn’t dare say more cause Harper is a one of a kind outfielder in my mind) but I dont think they are hot on his trail. Especially after getting manny. But another little hot take I got is the Padres trade away some prospects to grab a top arm with a little bit of control with low dollars.

Tomorrow morning be around a television around 9 a.m Arizona time to watch Manny put on the new threads and hat and listen closely cause I’m sure you’ll be able to hear the entire city of San Diego screaming! If this signing doesn’t hype you up for baseball season as a Padres fan. I have no idea what will!

Sco Pads!