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Grading My Preseason Predictions: Sun Belt

Part of me feels bad for the Sun Belt. They are fighting a perpetual uphill battle, recruiting and playing in the shadow of SEC giants and struggling to end most fiscal years in the black. They don’t have an individualistic appeal like other G5 conferences do; the MAC has weeknight MACtion, the AAC has UCF

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Grading My Preseason Predictions: MAC

Growing up, baseball was always king to me. I always had an interest in college football because Michigan was actually good when I was growing up and the Lions were simply awful, but it never came close to dethroning baseball in terms of my fandom. I got cut from a Division III baseball team my

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Super Bowl Predictions

The day has come. The New England Patriots take on the Los Angeles Rams today in Super Bowl LIII. The culmination of the 2018 NFL season comes down to what will probably be an incredible 60 minutes of football. Here’s our staff’s predictions for the big game. Robby (Co-Founder): Patriots 31 Rams 14. “After watching

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